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5 Secrets To Help Your Relaxed & Natural Hair Grow

This young lady has been a client of mine for a while now.  When I first started doing her hair I was so amazed that this much hair could be on one person's head.  She is natural so she does not have any chemical at all on her hair.  She comes to me from time to time when she wants to wear it straightened but since she is active with sports she does not wear it straight all of the time.  Since she has been coming to me I noticed that her hair has been growing and growing.  However when I came back from maternity leave it seemed like her hair just shot down her back!  Seeing her hair at her last visit is what prompted me to share 5 secrets to help your relaxed and natural hair grow.  We all want our hair to grow right?  Hopefully my tips will help you.

client before hair growth

1.  Cut the heat-  One thing that I find funny is when a client comes to me saying her hair is damaged and has no idea why. Then once I ask her routine for her hair she then says she curls and/or flat irons it everyday or every other day.  This is a no no when it comes to hair growth.  Limit your heat to once per week or less.  It is also important that when you do use heat, do not have the heating tool up too high while using.

2.  Wrap EVERY night-  This is so important for your hair!  I hear some women say they don't wrap it but instead they put a satin bonnet/cap on it.  The truth is that a satin bonnet does nothing but protect the ends of the hair.  It does not preserve your style which is why your hair is still messed up the next day even with the satin cap on.  Wrapping helps you maintain whatever style you have which means that you won't have to be temped to curl it more than once per week.  Translation: your hair is allowed to grow.

client after hair growth

3.  Leave it alone- This literally means just what it says!  Leave your hair alone and allow it to do what it is going to do naturally.  I have a client who literally does not like to comb her hair.  I cut her hair into a bob and about a year later her hair was longer than the client featured in this post.  I am not suggesting not combing because it can become tangled but on days where you know you are not going anywhere keep your hair wrapped and leave it alone.  I did this a lot while on maternity leave.  I stayed in the house days at a time without going anywhere and during that time my hair stayed wrapped.  I still shampooed it but I did not have to comb it every single day while it was wrapped.  Once I got ready to return to work I noticed that my hair had grown so much in just two months.  Leaving it alone could also mean getting braids or a sew in for a couple of months also which will allow it to grow.

5 secrets to help your relaxed & natural hair grow

4.  Shampoo & condition regularly-  I always say that a clean scalp is a healthy scalp.  Keeping your hair and scalp clean will allow it to grow because as you shampoo your hair you are circulating blood flow in your scalp which leads to hair growth.  I suggest shampooing and conditioning every 1-2 weeks with Silk Hydration by L. Jones hair products.

5 secrets to help your relaxed & natural hair grow
5.  Drink plenty of water-  Water is your secret weapon!  Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces every single day.  It does wonders for your entire body, hair and scalp included.  It keeps you hydrated so you notice a decrease in your hair looking dry.  Hair that is dry and brittle may grow, but breaks a lot easier so staying hydrated with water will keep your hair that has grown from being so prone to breakage.  Also, if your scalp is nourished your hair will grow a lot easier.  So, drink up!

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  1. Nice tips. My hair is texlaxed. I'm presently on braids(2weeks). Hope I make it to 4weeks


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