Monday, September 8, 2014

Get Moving Monday | How I Am Getting The Body I Want

For the past few weeks I have found myself back in the gym.  The main reason is because I have a vacation coming up, but the other reason is because I want my body to be in shape.  I do not want to have to work when I am getting ready to go somewhere but instead have the body already.  So, I have wrapped my mind around the fact that my workouts need to be consistent instead of sporadic.

Every Monday I have managed to go to step class first thing in the morning.  But first, I have to drop off the little one at school which is why I had Tia on.  I refused to go up to my kid's school with a scarf on my head!  But as soon as I got to the gym it came right off and the scarf went on.  Keeping my scarf on while working out lays my roots down and keeps my edges laying flat.

The class is one hour long and I have no idea of how many calories I burn but if how much I sweat is any indication then I burned A LOT of calories today.  It burns but feels so good at the same time.

See the extra high gloss?? That is just a little of the sweat that come pouring out of my pores today.  I will not be weighing myself but instead will be going by how my clothes fit.  Once they fit like I want them I will maintain by continuing the class and continuing toning.  What are some of your favorite workout classes??


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