Monday, September 15, 2014

Get Moving Monday | Being Consistent Even When You Do Not Feel Like It

Today is Monday and for me that means starting my morning off with a one hour long work out at spin class.  Since I am getting back into a routine of working out it is getting easier and easier to go, especially since I have a goal that I am trying to reach by the end of next month.  Today was a rough class and even though I have been going for a few weeks and seemed to have caught the rhythm of the class, it was tough to finish today.  I wanted to just give up and leave but I managed to push through.  That is the thing about goals.  Once you put your mind to something, nothing will stop you from achieving it but when you do care you will think of plenty of excuses to stop you.

Class today had me sweating from head to toe profusely!  Luckily for me, I do not sweat in my head but I do sweat on my forehead and neck so I still keep my hair tied up to keep it dry as well as keep my edges and roots laying down.

The picture above shows me after the class finished.  Do you see how wet my shirt is?!?  Yes that is only a tiny fraction of how much I was sweating.  All through the class I wanted to say forget it and just leave (and the fact that the woman next to me did just that did not help either) but my determination to succeed spoke louder to me than the easiness of giving up.  And the feeling you get when you actually finish makes it all worth it. What goals are you trying to achieve?  If it is something really worthwhile to you it will not come easy.  You will want to give up. Don't!  You only fail when you quit trying.

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