Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Toya's Tips Tuesday | Q&A How Long Should I Wait To Relax?

Today's post was brought to you by one of you lovely readers of mine.  I have decided to dedicate Tuesday to answering all of your questions.  I do this because a lot of you ask the same questions and some may not ask but are wondering the same things as well so this is for you!

Q: Hi my name is Nickeisha. I read your posts and I've started my stretch. Usually i relax every six weeks but I realize that my hair is over-processed and damaged. Now I'm at 8 weeks post relaxing but I need tips on how to maintain healthy hair and how long you think my first stretch should be. Thanks in advance.

A:  Nickeisha, thank you for your question, I get this one a lot.  Congratulations on your journey to healthy hair!  Your first as well as all the following stretches should be 16 weeks or until you have two inches of new growth, whichever comes first.  See more detail of this question in my video response to your question.  Thanks again!


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