Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Haircut: When It Is Time To Change Your Hair Style

This client has been coming in sporadically for a while now.  She can do her hair on her own but likes to come in to see me when she has something special going on or when she is going out of town, or something along those lines.  Today she wanted a completely different change to her hair.  She actually wanted it cut, not a trim, but a real, live, haircut.  Her style of choice was the bob.  I grabbed my shears and went for it.  I normally ask the client once if they are sure that is what they want but she seemed pretty positive when she walked in the door!

This is about seven to eight inches of hair that was cut off.  She did not particularly care for it to be on her neck but still wanted it long enough to curl.  She also wanted it layered a lot and I just love cutting layers so I was happy to oblige.

Also, whenever I cut a bob I am living vicariously through my clients since I long to one day have my hair cut back like this again.

I used all Silk Hydration products on her hair to give it the silky look and feel.

To maintain this look, all she has to do is wrap nightly.

Afterwards she said she loved it and was glad she made the change! That means my job is done...



  1. I love those layers! Her hair looks so full and beautiful.

  2. Good morning... Is there a difference in a silk press and a silk press system??? I know this may sound dumb but one stylist has this on her price list and about two weeks ago that's what I chose to get... I washed and conditioned my hair yesterday and it reverted back... On her price list it states the silk press system is supposed to last up to 3 months... I feel like I wasted time and money.. I should have just gotten the regular silk press instead of the silk press system, if there is such a thing.. Thanks for allowing me to vent.. :) :) :)
    P.S. Is there's way to post pics on here???


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