Monday, June 9, 2014

Series: How To Stretch Your Relaxer Past 6 Weeks (week 22)

Welcome to week 22 of the series! I must admit that it is getting harder and harder for me and I absolutely can not wait until I get my next relaxer.  I can still straighten it with no problem but the new growth is getting uncontrollable.  I know I have every bit of four inches of new growth at this point which is an awesome thing!  This is your proof that relaxed hair can and will grow as long as you take the necessary steps to keeping it healthy.  If you just can not see yourself going past six, eight, or even ten weeks without getting another relaxer then you will be stuck in a cycle of your hair continuously shedding, breaking, looking thin, and not growing like you want it to.  There is no way around it ladies, you simply can not have your cake and eat it too.  I have many clients who tell me that they want their relaxers but the also want healthy hair yet they can not fathom the idea of stretching.  What I say is to just use me as your example.  If I can go six months then surely you can go three to four.  It does take a bit of work and a little bit of sacrifice but nothing worth having comes easy right?

Take a look at the week 22 video and good luck on your stretching!


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