Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Full Sew-In With No Hair Left Out

This client came in to get a sew-in.  It was her second sew-in that she has ever gotten.  She enjoyed having the first one so much and how easy it was to manage and maintain that she wanted another one.  The hair came from L. Jones Hair Collection and it is actually the same hair that she used for the first sew in.  Yes the hair is that good that you can reuse it for up to two years and it will still look good!  She originally had two bundles of hair for the first sew in because she had a versatile sew in and had a little bit of hair left out.  For this one she did not want any hair left out so she ordered an additional bundle of hair to add to the two she already had for more fullness.

She wanted to have the full bangs this time and have it frame the face slightly.  With this style she can flat iron or curl this hair as much as she needs to without worrying about her natural hair being damaged.  She will shampoo it just like she would her real hair but the weave is so much easier to style and maintain so it will be a breeze for her to keep this look up.  That is what makes sew-ins so addictive.  Not only are they super easy and super cute, but they also help give your real hair a rest and gives it chance to grow.  Once I took her other sew-in down, I shampooed and conditioned her hair really well before putting this one in with Silk Hydration by L. Jones products.  In just a few months her hair had grown a significant amount so she is excited to see how much it will grow after this one is taken down.

To maintain this all she has to do is tie it up with her scarf then put her satin bonnet on.  In the morning she can just comb it straight down.  This hair is Brazilian loose wave so she also has the option of wetting it and letting it wave up.

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