Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Silk Press on Very Long Hair

I simply love this client's hair!  This is the kind of hair that I pay for.  She can wear it straight with a simple silk press or can wet it and allow her curls to pop with a simple wash and go.  Today she chose to play with a little color and get it straightened.  If you think you want color the perfect way to introduce yourself to it is to add some just around the face to frame it.  Then if you want more you can add it later.

I started by coloring the hair first with a few highlights in the front and underneath.  Then I shampooed with Silk Hydration by L. Jones products including the clarifying shampoo, daily conditioner, and leave-in.

After detangling I began to blow dry before I started pressing with the flat iron.

She is going to have lots of fun wrapping this hair up tonight! Take a look at her before pic.  This picture was right after I had it all blown dry.  This was a lot of hair!


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