Sunday, May 25, 2014

How To Stretch Your Relaxer Past Six Weeks (week 21)

Welcome to week 21 of the "How To Stretch Your Relaxer" series!  Wow, 21 weeks sounds like a really long time but my stretch is almost up.  In approximately one more month I will be concluding this series and starting all over again.  I must say, I can not wait until I get my relaxer because I am tired of my hair getting bigger and bigger each and every week.  I am ready to be able to shampoo my hair and it still be straight once water hits it.  Here is the week 21 video.  I chose to go bone straight this week since I did curly last week.

I used all Silk Hydration products (of course!) and other than that have only been wrapping my hair for the rest of the week.


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