Monday, May 5, 2014

Full Sew-In As A Protective Style

This client wanted something that would protect her natural hair.  She is 100% natural and is very active by playing tennis on pretty much a daily basis.  Yes, she is in her 60's and is still active and living a healthy lifestyle!! Talk about motivation.  Anyway, she wanted something that would protect her natural hair and something that she could maintain while she played tennis.  She tends to sweat in her hair and has a hard time maintaining it while being active.  We decided that a full sew in would be the best thing for her since they are sooooooo easy to take care of.  

She purchased her hair from my personal hair line, L. Jones Hair Collection, which included a lace closure and two bundles of Brazilian straight in 8 inches.  I got her the lace closure because she wanted the illusion of a natural part and to be able to have some coming over to the side of her face.

For the style she chose a classic layered bob.  She did not want a style that would make her look too young, but something more fitting for her age.  Of course I could not have her looking like an old lady so I had to jazz her up a bit!

I also added a few subtle highlights in her hair as well to add some dimensions and depth.

To take care of her hair all she has to do is wrap it.  If she does not know how to do that she can also simply put her satin bonnet on and sleep well.  She will shampoo and condition as she would her real hair preferably using Silk Hydration by L. Jones products. This sew in should not be left in for more than three months but in that time she will see significant growth in her hair once it is taken down.

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