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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How To Stretch Your Relaxer (week 5)

This week is getting closer and closer to week six!!  You are almost to the point where you can say you made it past six weeks.  For me, it feels like I just got my relaxer yesterday.  But I know how it is to be used to getting your touch ups every six weeks so I do understand how some of you are feeling right now.  Just hang in there for the sake of the health of your hair.  This week's video shows me doing a pin curl set on myself to mimic a roller set.  Take a look and enjoy!

Update: Afterwards I wrapped my hair up for two days (wore a wig and my hair was wrapped underneath) and once I took it down, I loved the look.  It wasn't bone straight but it wasn't extremely curly either.  And I got a TON of compliments.  I guess I may be doing this a bit more often...

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