Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hair Benefits of Drinking Water

Is your hair extremely dry?? Chances are your skin is also. If this describes you, you may need to increase your water consumption.  The body benefits from drinking water in MANY ways, from losing weight to curing headaches, but for the purpose of this article we'll stick to the hair benefits.

In general, our bodies are mostly water, containing up to 75%! Over 2/3 of our body is water. Here are a few organs and bodily fluids and the corresponding percentages that contain water.

Brain- 95% water
Muscles- 75% water
Lungs- 90% water
Blood- 83% water

Every single cell in the body needs water, including our hair.  Water performs various functions for the body. It aids in digestion and helps organs absorb nutrients.  Let's say you are eating a meal that is packed with the top foods that aid in having healthy hair and hair growth.  Drinking water with the meal helps the food digest better and also helps all of those power packed nutrients actually become absorbed into the organ it needs to go to.  Water also helps transport those same power packed nutrients as well as oxygen, through the body.  In addition, it circulates the nutrients throughout the body, including the hair follicles.

Water helps keep your hair looking hydrated, replenished, and silky.

In addition to the hair benefits of drinking water, there are also benefits of how you use water to shampoo your hair.  Shampooing with warm water opens the cuticle, allowing dirt, oil, and product build up to be removed from the hair.  An open cuticle is also better able to receive all the benefits of the conditioner, meaning the conditioner can actually penetrate the hair strand instead of just sitting on top of it.  Rinsing the conditioner off the hair with cool water closes the cuticle, allowing it to be locked into the hair, resulting in a soft, silky feel.

shiny, silky, moisturized hair

Once you are sure your body has enough water internally, then you can move on to using moisturizing products to keep the hair properly nourished. So the next time you notice your hair look dry and dull, instead of applying oil and sheen, drink more water.  We need 48-64 oz daily, so drink up!!


  1. Hey Toya, I needed a reminder on this! Water is so essential for everything. I swear I don't drink enough of it! But now I will. Thanks for the update.

  2. Biggest mistake while letting hair dry is ignoring the most important step of sealing in moisture. Overall, a good internal and external care is required. There is no pill to pop or shampoo to use solution when it comes to growing long luscious beautiful healthy hair.


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