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How To Do A Hot Oil Treatment & 10 Reasons Why You Should

If you are experiencing dry scalp, frizzy hair, or even hair loss, a hot oil treatment may be exactly what you need. Hot oil treatments are a well-kept little secret when it comes to having a healthy hair routine. When you hear most people talking about hair care routines, you hear a lot about deep conditioning, moisturizing, etc., but adding hot oil treatments to your hair care routine are definitely an added bonus. Today I will highlight ten reasons why you should do hot oil treatments, and how to do them.

Let's jump right into the benefits of doing hot oil treatments. I use the by L. Jones Silky Growth Oil when doing whether I'm doing hot oil treatments, or simply oiling my scalp. It contains a customized blend of ten different essential oils that, when combined together, create an amazing scalp concoction with numerous benefits. Here are the top ten benefits:

  1. Promotes hair growth- Just about everyone wants to know how to get their hair to grow longer. One way is with hot oil treatments. Your hair will grow just fine on its own, but the by L. Jones Silky Growth Oil will encourage it to grow faster than the average half an inch per month.
  2. Prevents & reduces hair loss- Shedding is normal, but there are occasions when you can experience hair loss that has nothing to do with your normal growth cycle. Hot oil treatments can prevent this abnormal hair loss.
  3. Helps with scalp irritation- Scalp irritation can occur when you have a reaction to certain ingredients in products, or even in certain foods. When this happens, a hot oil treatment can reduce and/or eliminate the irritation that you are experiencing.
  4. Adds shine- If your hair is looking dry, doing a hot oil treatment can help because the heat can allow the oil to go inside the cuticle to moisturize the hair. This results in shinier hair.
  5. Reduces frizz- If you have tried everything you can possibly think of and still are experiencing frizz, a hot oil treatment may be the answer. It helps to seal your cuticle so that your hair strands are laying flat versus sticking straight up, which is what happens when your hair becomes frizzy.
  6. Prevents itching- One benefit of hot oil treatments is that they can prevent your hair from itching. This is definitely an added benefit when you are wearing protective styles. Things like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, allergies, and psoriasis can all contribute towards itchy scalp, and hot oil treatments can help. By L. Jones Silky Growth Oil contains lavender oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and peppermint oil, which all help with itching and dandruff.
  7. Promotes thickness- When doing hot oil treatments, the heat allows the oil to penetrate your cuticle and fill in any holes in your hair shaft, giving the hair a slightly thicker appearance. This does not mean your super fine hair will all of a sudden become extremely thick. But, it does help.
  8. Helps with dandruff- As mentioned with reason no. 6, the by L. Jones Silky Growth Oil includes essential oils that combat the fungus that creates dandruff and helps get rid of it naturally when doing hot oil treatments.
  9. Prevents split ends- Hot oil treatments not only keep your scalp nourished, but the oil that trickles down to your ends helps keep them moisturized. Moisturized ends split less and the less your ends split, the more length you are able to retain.
  10. Makes hair stronger- Many of the oils in the by L. Jones Silky Growth Oil, like argan oil, jojoba oil, and castor oil, helps to strengthen the hair, which reduces breakage and premature hair loss.

I just listed ten reasons why you should incorporate hot oil treatments into your hair care routine. Now let's talk about how often they should be done. I recommend hot oil treatments be done 1-2 times per month and they are more beneficial when done in combination with a deep conditioning treatment. So, I recommend doing your hot oil treatment and your deep conditioning treatments on the same day. If you shampoo your hair weekly (like I do) it is also ok to do a hot oil treatment with every shampoo. It will not harm your hair if you do them more often, however, doing them monthly is just as fine. Need a great deep conditioner? Try this one.

Now that we have discussed the benefits of doing hot oil treatments, and how often you do them, now it's time to go over how to do them. Check out this video (be sure to subscribe to the channel) to see how to do a hot oil treatment on yourself.

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