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10 Reasons To Deep Condition Your Hair

10 reasons to deep condition your hair

Being a relaxed hair blogger and also a professional hairstylist, I get asked on quite a regular basis how to manage dry hair. I also get asked a lot what you should put on your hair daily. Today I want to talk all about this. First, I want to address the question of what you should put on your hair daily. The truth is that you should not have to put product on your hair daily. If you are using the right shampoos and conditioners for your hair, a daily hair dress is not necessary. And, speaking of conditioners, that is how you manage dry hair.

Deep conditioning is the answer to dry hair. Especially if you have relaxed hair, you should be deep conditioning at least twice a month, but weekly is highly encouraged if your hair is dry. I recommend that women with relaxed hair alternate between moisturizing treatments and reconstructive treatments weekly. Doing this does wonders for your hair! Here are ten reasons why you should be deep conditioning your hair:

  1. Improves wet combing (detangles)- Deep conditioning is great for wet combing. I recommend applying a generous amount of deep conditioner to your hair then gently combing your hair from the ends and working your way up. 
  2. Gives the hair body- Have you ever wondered why your hair does not move the way you want it to? It needs body. Deep conditioning will do that because it increases the moisture.
  3. Reduces frizz- Often, frizz is the result of lack of moisture. Deep conditioning reduces frizz drastically.
  4. Softens hair- Dry hair is often very brittle and hard. Deep conditioning will soften the hair. If you are using a great deep conditioner (like this one) you'll notice your hair become softer even while it is still wet.
  5. Adds moisture- Chemically treated hair, whether it is from a relaxer, permanent color, or both, is prone to more dryness. When you deep condition you are adding moisture back inside the hair, making it healthier.
  6. Adds slip- Slip is how your hair feels when wet. The more slip you have when wet, the better your hair feels dry. Deep conditioning increases the amount of slip you have.
  7. Increases elasticity- Elasticity is your hair's ability to stretch. When your hair is dry, it does not have much elasticity, therefore it breaks much easier. The hair has lots of elasticity when it is properly moisturized.
  8. Restores shine- Dullness is a result of lack of moisture. Deep conditioning puts the shine back in your hair.
  9. Adds volume- If your hair always seems flat, that is because you don't have a lot of volume. Volume also helps the hair to have more body. When you deep condition, the volume in your hair increases.
  10. Slows split ends- No one likes to trim their ends, however, it is not something you should avoid. You can, however, prolong the time in between your trims when you deep condition.

These are some of the many reasons why you should always deep condition your hair. The deep conditioner I use and recommend is the by L. Jones Intense Moisturizing Treatment. It does all ten things on this list. Also, the Creamy Custard Reconstructive Treatment is great for damaged hair because it helps restore and repair damage. Whether your hair is damaged or not, it should be getting deep conditioned. If your hair is already healthy, deep conditioning will help maintain its healthy state. Deep conditioning is definitely a great addition to your healthy hair care routine.

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