Saturday, March 14, 2020

Toya's Hair Tips | How Often Should I Deep Condition My Relaxed Hair?

How often should you deep condition relaxed hair?

Deep conditioning and relaxed hair go hand in hand with each other. Relaxed hair gets a lot of backlash but the truth is that relaxed hair can very much be healthy with the proper care. Relaxers are permanent chemicals so that means that you have to put forth an effort to keep the hair healthy. I have heard this question many, many times: "how often should I deep condition my relaxed hair?".

The answer is simple. You should deep conditioner your relaxed hair weekly. This means you should be allowing your conditioner to penetrate your hair and moisturize it from the inside out. by L. Jones products has some amazing conditioners that do this like the Intense Moisturizing Treatment and the Creamy Custard Reconstructive Treatment.

Deep conditioning your relaxed hair regularly ensures that your hair will not become dried out as a result of the relaxer. It also ensures that your hair will stay properly moisturized.

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