Tuesday, October 9, 2018

[SERIES] Can My Relaxed Hair Be Healthy? | Week 5

Week 5 (Can my relaxed hair be healthy?) Series

This week on the "can my relaxed hair be healthy" series, I decided to do a twist set. I'll just say that this week was definitely not one of my favorite weeks. I had to sit under the dryer for several hours in order for it to be completely dry, then on top of that, I was not very thrilled with the results. Twist sets on relaxed hair have a completely different look from twist outs on natural hair. I am a huge fan of twist outs on natural hair but doing them on relaxed hair, especially relaxed hair that is still pretty much freshly relaxed is not the business! Anyway, it looked decent for about two days, then it became something that I pinned up, then it became a ponytail and finally when I simply couldn't look at it any longer, I went ahead and shampooed my hair again! I think next time I'll try a braid out instead.

The products:

This week I used the following by L. Jones hair products..

The process:

This week for my twist set, I  twisted the hair while it was wet, let it dry, then untwisted my hair. Again, I do not advise doing this on freshly relaxed hair or hair that is less than twelve week post relaxer. The hair is just way to straight before twelve weeks and does not stay twisted tight enough while it is wet, which doesn't equal the results you wanted once it gets dry.

The video:

Check out the video on ToyaJTV for this post below.


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