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[SERIES] Can my relaxed hair be healthy? | Week 6

Can my relaxed hair be healthy? (week 6)

This week for the "Can my relaxed hair be healthy" series I have finally reached the six week mark (see week 5 here)! I still can't believe that I used to get my relaxer touch up every.six.weeks! Wow, when I think back on what I used to do to my relaxed hair (even under the care of a professional hairstylist) it makes me cringe. Lucky for me my hair, even being relaxed, has always been thick, so most people would not be able to tell if I had experienced a little bit of hair loss. To them it would just look normal. However, it is definitely true that once you know better, you should do better and I have done just that with my relaxed hair care regimen.

Low manipulation styles are great for growing relaxed hair?

The products: Here are the by L. Jones products I used this week.

Hair products great for adding moisture to relaxed hair

The process:

I rolled my hair with the purple flexi rods (pictured below) and sat under the dryer for a little over an hour. I used to hate sitting under the hair dryer but now I seem to get so much work done while I'm letting my hair dry that I don't mind it as much. Relaxed hair does not take as long to dry, especially when it is still pretty much freshly relaxed.

Flexi rod set on relaxed hair

After letting my hair completely dry I then took all of the rollers down and pulled them apart. The great thing about doing flexi rods on relaxed hair is that you don't have to use very many rollers. I only used about six or seven rollers total for my entire head. All you have to do is take large sections of hair and it will come out just fine.

Finished look, flexi rod set on relaxed hair

The video:

Check out the video of week 6 here:


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