Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Toya's Hair Tips: Is Deep Conditioning Necessary?

Why deep conditioning the hair is absolutely necessary

Today's Toya's Tip comes from the following question:
"Is it necessary to deep condition your hair?"
The answer to this question is YES! It is absolutely necessary to deep conditioner your hair. Depending on the health of your hair, it may not be necessary to do it every single time you shampoo your hair, but it is definitely highly recommended for maintenance. Healthy hair has an equal balance of protein and moisture so periodically doing deep conditioning treatments helps keep the moisture balanced. If your hair is extremely dry then you can deep condition every time you shampoo until your hair gets to a point where it is not lacking in moisture. If your hair is pretty normal then you should deep condition either once per month or every other month. If you are looking for a great deep conditioner the Intense Moisture Treatment in the by L. Jones line is fantastic for adding moisture back in the hair. I use it on myself as well as on my clients in the salon and it absolutely works wonders. So yes, deep condition your hair on a regular basis to keep it moisturized.

Is deep conditioning necessary?

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why deep conditioning your hair is absolutely necessary


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