Monday, August 14, 2017

How To Finally Choose The Best NON-PERMANENT Color To Cover Gray

Have you ever wanted to save some money, so you went out and bought your own rinse to put on your hair? But as soon as you shampooed your hair for the first time after you applied it it seemed like it all washed out? Or, after applying the rinse it was so messy that it seemed to get everywhere? And when I say messy I mean after your hair has dried you couldn't lay on anything light or the color would rub off?  The reason for this is because there are different kinds of temporary color and some are designed to last longer than others. Choosing the best type of hair color is a matter of knowing the difference between the different types. Here is the difference:

1.  Temporary color: These are usually sold in stores as color rinses.  The molecules in them are too large to penetrate the hair so they simply sit on top of the hair and are used to mask grey hair, or to add depth and/or richness to the hair. They DO NOT lighten the hair in any way.  Rinses can sometimes be messy, you may wake up and find that some of the color has faded on your pillow case, clothes, or skin. Use these for short term changes to your hair, as they will not last much longer than your next shampoo.

2.  Semi-permanent color:  These types of rinses last much longer than temporary colors and are used quite frequently by professionals. They also only deposit hair color and DO NOT lighten the hair.  These are mixed with an activator that helps slightly raise the cuticle of the hair so that the color doesn't just sit on top of the hair shaft.  They normally last about 6-8 shampoos and slightly fade off the hair with each shampoo. These are much better choices for covering gray or adding depth than a temporary color due to the fact that they last significantly longer.

3.  Demi-permanent color:  Demi-permanent color is the best choice when it comes to grey coverage and adding richness and depth. These are also mixed with an activator to raise the cuticle in order for the color to be deposited there, however unlike semi-permanent color, demi-permanent color actually penetrates the cortex.  This allows the color to last the longest. They still gradually fade off the hair with each shampoo and do not lighten the hair in any way.

Rinses are great ways to add shine, depth or richness to the hair, or temporary changes.  They are also great for wanting to experiment with going darker.  They contain no ammonia, meaning they will not make darker hair lighter, it will only make dark hair darker. For example, if your hair is dark brown, you will not be able to get caramel blonde color by applying a rinse. This can only be achieved with a permanent color. However, if your hair is a light brown you can change it to a deeper brown shade, or even a reddish brown shade with a rinse with no problems. Also if your hair seems to be dull, you can add a rinse to help it shine.

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