Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How To Get Your REAL Hair To Grow While Wearing Wigs (week 15)

Wow, I guess what they say about time is really true. It flies by when you are having fun. And I have been having a blast with this series. I definitely see how people get addicted to wearing weave and wigs all of the time. The only thing we need to remember, and yes I say we because I am talking to myself too, is to take care of our real hair underneath the bundles.

I used the following Silk Hydration products this week on my real hair:

`This week I took my hair completely down first with my fingers. I only did this because I could not find my comb right away. But after I got them down, I then used my wide toothed comb to detangle it from the root to the ends. This is what gets the hair that has already shed out of your hair. If you simply shampoo after taking down braids using only your fingers then you hair will get very matted and tangled. We do not want that so take the extra step of combing through your hair completely. Doing this also makes it easier to detangle once you have already shampooed and conditioned.

Once I blow dried the hair, I then braided up myself (unfortunately) and then oiled my scalp and massaged it in. Remember that massaging helps to stimulate the blood flow in the scalp which helps with hair growth. So massage your scalp as often as you can. For the rest of the week I will leave my hair alone with the exception of oiling my scalp at least two more times this week.

Check out the video for this week below:

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