Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How To Get Your REAL Hair To Grow While Wearing Wigs (week 14)

Welcome to week 14 of the series! This week I have really started noticing my hair growing just by looking at how much new growth I have. It is really thick at my root. It is so thick that I need another word to describe it. I chose to wear London again this week just because I'm so obsessed with red hair right now so I just love her! 

This week I used the following Silk Hydration products on my hair:

This week I wanted to focus more on the moisture so I decided to leave the Extreme Clean Shampoo out of my routine. Sometimes you can let your hair tell you what it needs and this week I felt my hair needed more concentration. You can look at and feel your own hair to see if you ever need to go off your normal schedule.

I had my hair braided up this week by another hairstylist so more than likely I will leave these braids up for two weeks. However, things are subject to change so we will just have to wait and see. After my hair was braided, I them oiled my scalp before putting my wig cap on. Lastly I put London on work her the entire week.

If you will notice, I am not doing anything extra special to my hair each week. I have found that the most basic routines that don't require a lot of manipulation with your hair are the most effective. If you keep doing these effective things on a consistent basis you will have significant hair growth. Your hair is designed to grow all on its own so it does not need much help from you. Just keep it clean and let it do it's own thing!

Be sure to check out the video for this week below:

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  1. Hi Toya
    When is your hair growth oil coming out? I'm dying to try it ��. lol I'm sure others are too. Also, can you give your viewers an update on how it's working for you if you don't mind?


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