Thursday, September 17, 2015

Why You Should Never Use Grease On Your Hair

why you should never use grease on your hair

Today we are going to talk about the dreaded "g" word... Grease!  I personally believe that grease is made for cooking, not for our hair!  I know many of you, especially some of you natural women, love to put grease in your hair.  Here is why you should never use grease on your hair.  Grease is a very thick substance, that when applied to the hair coats it.  Grease by nature appears shiny, so when it is placed on the hair, it gives the appearance of moisturized hair when that is not the case.  Do you sometimes feel like no matter how much grease you use that your hair is still as dry as a bone if not drier?  The fact is that grease actually acts as a
barrier on the hair.  It heavily coats the hair so it stops anything from going in and also stops anything from coming out.  The problem with that is that if your hair is already dry and does not have any moisture in it, then grease is only making the problem worse by not allowing any moisture to enter the hair shaft.  As you continue to use grease, over time your hair gets drier and drier, which is why you constantly are putting globs of grease on your hair yet your hair always seems to just suck it up.  Grease also weighs the hair down so if you like hairstyles that have a lot of body, this will not be possible with grease on the hair.

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In order to get your hair moisturized, you have to use moisturizing products.  First start with a great moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.  I recommend Silk Hydration by L. Jones products for this.  The moisturizing shampoo will includes liquid silk to make the soft, shiny, and moisturized.  Also, the deep moisturizing treatment includes all oils that actually penetrate the hair shaft to moisturize the hair from the inside out.  The leave-in conditioner adds an extra layer of moisture to the hair.  This is the correct way to get your hair moisturized.  Also, depending on the length of time you have been depriving your hair from getting moisture by using grease, it may take a few uses of Silk Hydration by L. Jones products for the right amount of moisture to get into your hair.

I know some of you swear by using grease, but the more you use it, the drier your hair will eventually become.  Grease is like a bandaid, it simply masks a deeper issue.  To properly nourish your hair with moisture the bandaid would have to come off in order for you to deal with the root of the problem, which is why it is dry in the first place.

why you should never use grease on your hair

Remember, you want to leave the grease for cooking!  Did I mention how hard it is to completely shampoo out of the hair once it is slathered on?  Next time you go to reach for the grease to moisturize your hair, resist the urge and try my suggestions.  And, once you get done let me know how it worked out for you and your hair!  Just say no to grease!


  1. Wow I have never ever heard this, and coming from a professional really makes me wonder if all stylist feel this way. I am really confused please elaborate.

  2. Just from reading the title, I though a product buildup mess LOL. I haven't used grease in a good minute now. Great tips on maintaining moisture

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