Friday, September 25, 2015

How To Flat Iron Your Hair (Video)

As of right now I am three months post relaxer.  I normally go about six months before I get my touch ups.  So basically I am at the half way point.  Since I have been back from maternity leave I have not done a YouTube video on my channel, until now!  This is the first video that I have done in almost a whole year!  To all of you women out there who are mothers, I am sure you can relate as to why I just about shut everything down business wise when I became pregnant.  I was so tired, it took everything in me just to work in the salon alone, but doing the other stuff like blogging, making products for Silk Hydration on top of filling orders, as well as filling orders for L. Jones Hair Collection, AND trying to finish my next book was just too much for this pregnant lady to handle!  My little one took ALL of my energy!  But now that he is born I have been slowly getting things back to normal.

Why the cupcake? L. Jones Salon turned 2!

I was finally able to shampoo and flat iron my hair on camera.  I could definitely tell I am at my half way mark with my relaxer!  It is fine when dry and straight, but when this hair of mine is wet it is like a wild animal!  In today's video I am showing how to flat iron your hair.

how to flat iron your hair

In this video, I am going through the whole process of flat ironing my hair after I just shampooed and conditioned it.  I used all Silk Hydration by L. Jones products on my hair and did a basic flat iron.

Enjoy the video!


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