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Q&A- How To Do a Silk Press On a Child? (01)

Q&A posts are real questions that have been sent to me.  A lot of times a lot of people ask the same questions or for every question asked there is someone else out there going through the same issue and looking for answers as well.  That is why I decided to answer your questions via the blog and for some of them I will also have the video answer for my YouTube people.  If you have a question you would like to submit, send it in on the blog by submitting in the "ask Toya" section.  Thanks for all of your questions and I hope my answers help you.  I don't claim to know everything but I will answer every question based on my personal experiences combined with my professional knowledge.  Enjoy!

Q) Can you explain to me how to do a silk press on a 9 year old's hair?! Using the silk hydration products! 

A) You can do a silk press on a child using the same technique as you would on an adult.  If you have a child that is tender-headed be sure to be as gentle as possible in order to get them to sit still.  When using the Silk Hydration by L. Jones line, always start by using the Extreme Clean Clarifying Shampoo.  This ensures that all of the dirt, oil, and residue comes off of the hair.  If the hair has a lot of build up on it, use the clarifying shampoo twice.  Next, you want to add the good moisture back in so you will use the Extreme Moisture shampoo.  This shampoo includes liquid silk and makes the hair extra soft.  Then you want to move on to the conditioner.  The conditioner you choose to use depends on what the hair needs.  If the hair is very dry you want to use the Intense Moisturizing Treatment by applying to hair and combing through to make sure the conditioner gets on every strand.  Apply a plastic cap and let sit for up to one hour before rinsing with semi-cool water.  If the hair is not extremely dry (or you just do not have enough time to do a treatment), apply the daily conditioner and leave on for up to ten minutes before rinsing with semi-cool water. The last step in prepping the hair is to apply the leave-in conditioner.  Applying the leave-in conditioner will be done at the same time that you are blow drying the hair.  Part the hair starting at the nape in a small section.  Spray the leave-in conditioner generously to that section and comb through.  Be sure to be gentle if the hair is extra-tangled.  Once you are able to easily comb through the hair, you may then begin to blow dry that section of hair only.  Once that section is completely dry move on to the next section of hair. Spray each section before you blow dry and continue in this manner until you complete the full head.  After the hair is 100% dry, you can then begin flat ironing.  Flat iron in small sections until all of the hair is flat ironed.  Once you are finished, lightly mist the hair with Silk Hydration by L. Jones Miracle Potion no9 to give it a little shine and control frizz.  And now you are done! Enjoy...

silk press after

silk press before

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