Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Q&A- Relaxed, Healthy Hair Question (02)

Q) Hi Toya, i'm currently stretching my relaxer i'm 12 weeks post. My last relaxer was in the early part of January. I am use to relaxing my hair every month but i have noticed that my hair starts to become thinner and shorter. Normally when i put in braids for at least two months my hair grows a lot but i end up getting trims because of split ends. My due date for getting a relaxer is the end of June and i want my hair to be as healthier and longer as possible. I've been using the tropic isle coconut black castor oil with shea butter and the Vo5 Repair & protect strengthing shampoo & the Vo5 split ends & damaged hair conditioner / volumizing conditioner and also i've been doing the real queens GHE method. Can you give me any tips on how i can have a much healthier hair growth without it being clipped off. I must say that my hair is a bit dry at the moment and i have an itchy scalp . Would u recommend me to use the African pride braid sheen spray although its just for braids ? i DO NOT use heat in my hair period starting my stretch . only when it is very important and that is once in a while. I use roller sets instead. Please help me and give your suggestions . Thank you

A) First let me start by saying congrats on stretching! Once a month (which is every four weeks) is not acceptable for your hair to be receiving a relaxer.  The reason why you saw your hair becoming thinner and shorter from doing that is because getting a relaxer every four months means you had lots of damage from over-processing.  And no matter what products you use, if you continued to get them every month, the damage would still be happening.  In order to get the healthiest and longest hair possible, I would suggest waiting until you have at least two inches of new growth before each relaxer session.  If you are just starting your stretch it is possible that your midshaft down to the ends of your hair could still be over-processed so it is very possible to notice thicker roots and thinner ends.  Once you are on a consistent schedule of stretching you will notice thicker, healthier looking hair from the root to the ends but until then you can trim off just a little at each touch up until the damaged ends are gone and you are only left with healthy hair.  I do not recommend braid spray as is is only for braids.  If you have itchy scalp you can use a shampoo that specifically caters to itchy scalp (Nizoral is a good one).  As you continue stretching, you will notice your hair beginning to grow faster and much longer than in the past.  Good luck on your healthy hair journey and I hope this answers all of your questions!

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