Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hair Of The Week (HOTW)- Simply Straight Hair

Last week I had my hair very curly giving off the look of a roller set.  That really made me miss my straight hair!  This week I flat ironed it bone straight at 21 weeks post relaxer.  Today was shampoo day and I used all Silk Hydration by L. Jones products and since the weather is warming up I have started using more moisturizing products.  I used the clarifying shampoo, moisturizing shampoo, daily conditioner, and leave-in conditioner.

I let my hair air dry then blow dried the rest the next morning.  I shampooed late and did not feel like doing the entire hair session at once.

I did not use edge control despite having about four inches of new growth!  My secret was to tie my edges and roots down while it was wet the night before.  This made the blow dry a breeze.  Once I flat ironed it I made sure to get close to the edges to get them straight.  I flat ironed at about 420 degrees and only flat ironed each section (which was very thing fyi) one time.  The thicker the hair gets, the thinner sections you have to take which means you need to be patient!  Do not try to rush through it or it will not look right.

For maintenance I will be simply wrapping it and going to sleep quite comfortably.  No more heat until I shampoo it again.  I also sprayed some Silk Hydration by L. Jones Miracle Potion no.9 on it to add some shine and make it smell fabulous.


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