Friday, May 2, 2014

Full Sew-In With No Hair Left Out

If you have every wondered what you should do with your hair while working out or growing your hair out here is an option for you.  Sew-ins, when done correctly can be great for the hair.  They can protect the natural hair and allow it to grow faster than it would if you did not have one.  Also, they are very manageable so while you are working out, they are easy to care for.  They are highly addictive due to their low maintenance profile which is why many people, including myself, that have plenty of hair still love to wear weave.  You can curl it everyday and not worry about damage being done unlike your real hair.

This client is a very active tennis player.  She plays and/or practices almost daily so she needs a style than can handle her lifestyle.  Before coming to me she had a partial sew-in with only half of the hair braided up.  She is also transitioning to natural hair and wanted a full sew in so she would not have to worry about blending her leave out.

I used a lace closure to give the illusion of a natural looking part.  The rest of the hair is two bundles of Brazilian straight hair from my hair collection, L. Jones Hair Collection.

She had eight inches in each bundle but that was way too long for her.  After installing, I the cut the hair in layers and curled it for her.  I also colored it with copper hi-lites because she wanted something subtle.

She actually loved her hair.  She liked how soft it was and when she sees how easy it is to take care of she is really never going back to beauty supply hair.  For maintenance she can wrap the hair or tie it down with her satin scarf.

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