Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sponsor Love- Theorie

Today I would like to take the time out to show my newest sponsor a thank you and dedicate this post to them.  I would also like to share with all of you wonderful readers just how great their products are.  They sent over the flat iron, 4-in-1 curling wand, and the blow dryer.  If you have been watching the "How To Stretch Your Relaxer" series, the flat iron I use is the one they gave me.  It gives me the results that I want each and every time leaving my thick, 15-week post relaxed hair, looking like it has been freshly relaxed.  Even some of my clients do not believe me when I tell them I have not had a relaxer since December.  This is all because of my flat iron.  One thing that I always look for in a flat iron is the ability to be able to control the heat of it and this one does just that.  It does not get any of my hair tangled in it, does not snag my hair or any of that.  It just glides right through!

The 4-in-1 curling iron is one amazing creation if I do say so myself.  I can actually pick what size curls I want to do on one tool instead of having to buy four separate ones.  Can you say genius?!?  I simply love it.  And to add more icing on top of this cake, it also has a digital temperature gauge and goes all the way up to 450!  With most curling wands I do no necessarily have to use the glove that comes with it, but with this one it is a must or you will definitely get burned.  With other curling wands that I have tried, I have to leave the hair wrapped around it for like 10-15 seconds each.  But with this one, that time is cut down to 4-5 seconds each and gives a great curl.  As a matter of fact I will be using it tonight on one of my removable sew ins that I want curled for a possible alternate look for some family photos.

The carrying case for the Saga 4-in-1 curling iron is one of the cutest things also.  You can store each and every item separately but together at the same time.  When I curl my removable sew in unit I think I will be using the smallest one (pics to come later).
curls courtesy of the Saga 4-in-1

Theorie also sent me the Saga 3100 Hair Dryer.  This hair dryer is similar to others, but I do like that I can set it to warm or hot, low or high.  I always blow dry my hair on warm instead of hot.  Also, this blow dryer allows you to hold the nozzle if you need to instead of holding the handle.  My other blow dryer did not do that!

I am giving the green light to purchase and use any of these products.  This is not a paid blog post, but simply giving credit where it is due.  I appreciate them for sponsoring my blog and all of their products are top notch.  I would use them even if they were not my sponsor.  If you are interested in purchasing any of their products go to the website: https://www.yourtheorie.com.

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