Thursday, January 13, 2022

What Is Relaxer Stretching?


When it comes to relaxers, many women tend to get them every six to eight weeks. It is my professional recommendation however, to wait longer than that. This is what is known as relaxer stretching. Relaxer stretching is basically going past the traditional six weeks. I always advise my clients to wait at least sixteen weeks in between relaxers. That is three times per year.

If you are wondering why wait this long, the reason is simple. Relaxers are permanent. That means as you get new growth, ONLY the new growth needs to be touched up. If you are relaxing hair that has already been relaxed, you will end up with over processed hair. Majority of hairstylists (myself included) are going to process about two inches of hair each touch up. At six weeks, you do not even have an inch of new growth yet. So, if you get a touch up and process two inches of hair, that means you are over processing about a full inch to an inch and a half of your hair EACH TIME you get a touch up.

When you instead wait until you have two inches of new growth, the result is healthy relaxed hair that is not over processed. On average, it takes sixteen weeks to grow two inches of hair. This is why I recommend waiting sixteen weeks between relaxers. It ensures that you will have little to no over processed hair when getting your relaxer service.

So, if you are still getting your relaxer every six to eight weeks, I highly encourage you to reconsider. Some women say that stretching relaxers breaks their hair, but that is not actually the case. The reason for the breakage is that over processed hair breaks easier. Once you begin stretching, your breakage will stop. We'll dive further into this later. Be sure to use these products in order to help manage, take care of, and maintain your relaxed hair.

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