Monday, June 12, 2023

How To Tell If Your Ends Need To Be Trimmed

A lot of women ask me if their hair is damaged when really all they need is a good trim. Don't get me wrong, split ends does equal damage. But, when the hair is extremely damaged, most of the time you will notice it throughout the hair, not just on the ends. For instance, when you get damage from color or relaxers, you will notice breakage or damage as far up the hair shaft as the actual root sometimes.  And other times it may be in the middle of the hair shaft, or both. If only your ends look very frizzy and wild, while the rest of your hair looks normal, it is safe to say that a trim is your solution.

And never be afraid to get your ends trimmed. No, it doesn't help your hair grow any faster if you trim your ends because your hair grows from your scalp, not from the ends. But, it does help your hair to be healthier when it does grow because the longer you wait to get your ends trimmed, the more you will have to get trimmed later. Basically, your trim, which I consider to be an inch or less, becomes a cut when you continue to prolong removing the split ends.  The only thing not trimming your hair does is allow it to continue to split up the hair shaft.  Split ends do make your hair appear to be longer but it does not contribute to the health of the hair at all. If your goal is long hair, be sure that it is long AND healthy. 

Hair that is trimmed on a consistent basis always looks better and is healthier. Any style that you choose to get never looks good or lays right when split ends are present. I recommend getting trims at least once every three months (or every 12 weeks) in order to retain your length and keep your hair healthy.

You can tell when your hair needs to be trimmed by taking a good look at it.  If you see one hair strand that turns into two strands on the ends that means it is split.  It will need to be cut right where it starts to turn into two strands.  It is harder for natural girls to see their split ends because the hair is curly all the way to the ends making it harder to see the split.  However, natural girls can notice that their ends get really tangled on the ends when trying to detangle. Even when I am doing a silk press I immediately notice when the hair needs to be trimmed by if I can blow it out easily or not. Hair that needs to be trimmed is extremely tangled on the ends. And once the hair is flat ironed and has not been trimmed, it looks very frizzy. You should have your ends trimmed at least every 10-12 weeks.  

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