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5 Professional Tips To Make Stretching Your Relaxer Easier

5 professional tips to make stretching your relaxer easier

As a relaxed hair specialist, I have not only have a lot of relaxed clients, but there also many relaxed women who always ask me for tips on how to stretch their relaxer. It was very common for women to get a touch up at six weeks, so when I explain why women should stretch their relaxer to sixteen weeks, the first question is always how. Today I want to give you five of my professional tips to make stretching your relaxer easier.

Rods are a great way to camouflage your new growth

  1. Take it one week at a time- When you hear sixteen weeks, it sounds like a long time! Instead of thinking about all sixteen weeks at once, take it one week at a time. When you do this it won't seem bad at all.
  2. Learn how to manage your new growth- A lot of women prefer for their hair to be bone straight so any sign of new growth sends them into a panic. Learning how to manage your new growth will make stretching so much easier. One way is to soften it up so that it is much easier to deal with like your relaxed hair. Using products (like these), that include deep conditioners, leave in conditioners, and pre poo masks, will soften your hair and make it MUCH easier to handle.
  3. Do more styles that camouflage your two textures- When you first begin to stretch, it may be a bit overwhelming. It will be easier if you learn how to do more hairstyles that camouflage the fact that you are dealing with two textures. Buns, rods, updos, and even protective styles will help the weeks pass during your stretch. I have several tutorials here, that will help you learn how to hide the fact that you have two textures during your stretch. 
  4. Treat your hair like you're natural when wanting to wear it straight- I love for my hair to be straight. I personally go six months (minimum) when stretching my relaxer but even if I want to wear my hair straight in month five, I expect it to be as straight as when I have a fresh relaxer. In order to do that, I treat my hair like it's natural (technically my new growth is) and give myself a silk press (learn how to do this here). After I'm done, I then wrap it for the entire time that I'm wearing it straight in order to keep it that way.
  5. Embrace and welcome your new growth- Many women see their new growth and think it's the end of the world. Remember that new growth is just that, new GROWTH. Key word being growth! New growth is a sign that your hair is growing. The more you have, the more length you are getting. For those of you that think you hair does not grow, having new growth is your proof that it does!
Embrace and welcome your new growth! 

Follow these professional tips for stretching your relaxer and the process will become much easier. In no time stretching your relaxer will be more like second nature to you!

Take stretching your relaxer one week at a time
Check out the video here:


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