Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Moisturizing & Sealing Relaxed Hair

When it comes to moisturizing and sealing, it can be very confusing on whether or not to do it. Even as a hair care professional, I have not always moisturize and sealed my hair but have had a change of heart lately. With any hair, especially relaxed hair, it very important to take care of the ends of the hair because the ends of the hair are the oldest. Maintaining the integrity of the of the ends is crucial to retaining your length.

Great products to moisturize & seal for healthier hair

When moisturizing and sealing your relaxed hair, you only need a very small amount of product. Using too much will weigh your hair down and not cause it to have body and movement. I like to use one spray of Leave-In Conditioner to add moisture, then one drop of Silky Growth Oil to seal it in. Remember, it's only the ends of the hair, so a little goes a long way.

Need the video to see the process? Click here.


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