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8 Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Dry Hair

8 simple tips to get rid of dry hair

We all hate it, hair that looks absolutely dryer than the Sahara desert. I am talking about hair that is so dry that it feels brittle to the touch and will break if you even look at it hard enough. I get so many clients who come to me craving any product that will help their hair look moisturized. There are many things that will help your hair look moisturized and today we will explore them all! Beware, too much moisture can make your hair look greasy and weigh it down. So, how do you have healthy-looking, moisturized hair that still moves and has lots of body? Let's get started.

properly moisturized relaxed hair

1. Drink PLENTY of water! Yes, I know what you are going to say. You already drink water right? No, I am not talking about just one cute little 20oz bottle. You should be drinking half of your body weight (in pounds) of water. If you weigh two hundred pounds, your minimum water intake (daily) should be around one hundred ounces. This should be a daily habit and I am talking to myself as well. Many of us are guilty of not getting enough water every day. My problem is that I do not like to drink water when I eat. I can drink it after I drink my regular beverage of choice once I finish my meal just fine though. For example, when I go to a fast food restaurant I always order a small drink and a large water with my food. Once I am done with the water, I try to refill the cup with water an additional two times to get closer to my daily goal. Water has several benefits with the most obvious being it is an excellent hydrator. When your scalp is dry more than likely the skin on the rest of your body is as well. As a result, this contributes to our hair becoming dry. So, your first step is to drink up!

2. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies. Since we are on the theme of hydrating from the inside, I will continue with our diet. A diet that is well-balanced and includes fruits and vegetables also helps to hydrate us. It may not seem like it is affecting us right away because we want everything to happen so quickly but I know for a fact that hydrating from the inside works. When I did my 90-day water challenge, I could noticeably tell a difference in my skin AND my scalp.

get rid of dry hair by properly moisturizing from the inside out

3. Start using high-quality products. Have you ever heard the saying "you get what you pay for"? Well, all of those cheap hair products, especially the shampoo is very harsh and strips the hair which causes it to dry out. Also, you end up using more of it to try to get the results of using less of a product with higher-quality ingredients. Salon-grade products like by L. Jones are excellent on the hair because they are gentle but still very effective on cleansing. They also can be used in moderation and still get great results.

4. Use the right products for your hair type. This is very important. You must use the correct products for your hair. What problems are you having with your hair? If your hair is dry, you must use moisturizing products, including shampoos, conditioners, and in many cases, a deep conditioner or moisture treatment. I have an excellent moisture shampoo and moisture treatment that are great for dry hair. The Extreme Moisture shampoo includes liquid silk and silk amino acids to help the hair have a silky look and feel. The Intense Moisture Treatment includes oils that actually penetrate the hair and hydrate the hair from the inside as opposed to oils that only sit on top or coat the hair. When you have dry hair, it is crucial to use products that have extra moisture in them so that you can get rid of your dry hair.

5. Always use a leave-in- Leave-in conditioners are great because you do not have to rinse them out. They add extra moisture to your hair which is what dry hair always needs. I recommend using a liquid-based leave-in like by L. Jones Leave-In because it not only adds an extra layer of moisture but it also detangles and acts as a heat protectant. If you prefer a cream-based leave-in conditioner use it sparingly to avoid product build-up.

6. Stop using grease! Despite what you have been told, grease is not the answer for dry hair. The only thing grease does is put a thick coat on the hair which prevents moisture from going in or coming out. That is why no matter how much grease you put on your hair it never seems like it's enough. You may notice that your hair seems to "eat" the grease or that your hair seems even drier no matter how much grease you put on. Well, that is because it is fighting the little moisture you have AND not allowing any more in. Grease is like a band-aid, it only covers up the real problem. Instead of using grease as a moisturizer, try the by L. Jones Satin Moisture Cream instead.

7. Limit your heat usage. Heat usage should only be once per week or less. I know, I know, sometimes you just have to touch up just one piece of hair. What could that hurt right? Wrong! If you fall into the habit of "touching up" pieces here and there, the next thing you know you are flat ironing all of your hair every other day. Too much heat can cause your hair to dry out, become brittle, then break.

8. Be careful with color. Permanent hair color can cause the hair to dry out, especially if you are going from very dark hair to very light hair. To avoid the hair becoming dry, I advise that you do not go more than three levels above your original hair color. Also, if you decide to get hair color be sure that you can not only afford the cost of the service but that you also budget for the cost of maintenance. Regular deep conditioning and reconstructive treatments are essential to have healthy hair that is permanently colored.

Doing these things on a regular basis will allow you to always have moisturized hair. Be sure to constantly give your hair moisture instead of only moisturizing when it starts looking dry.

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  1. and for the persons who has no access to your products what are viable options?

  2. My products are not in stores but are available for purchase online (www.silkhydration.com). If that is not an option for you you can still use moisturizing products, I only list mine for examples and to show what I use.

  3. When we turn up the heat during the cold weather, the indoor air can get extremely dry, which affects your hair and skin. Using a cool air humidifier really helps, along with the above tips


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