Saturday, May 12, 2018

5 Habits That Stunt Your Hair Growth

So, you have made a decision to grow your hair out.  You've seen some results but are still not satisfied yet.  You are starting to think your hair will only grow to one length then suddenly stop.  Well you are not alone. Many, many women out there feel the same way.  The truth is that you could be doing a few things that actually slow down the growth process.  Here are a few things to avoid when trying to grow your hair out.

  • Not eating right- Eating a properly balanced diet is very important not only for your overall health but for your hair as well.  Your hair reaps the benefits of having all the nutrients that it needs to help it grow.  Not getting essential nutrients by eating a poor diet will cause your hair to not grow as fast as it could.
  • Not drinking enough water- I started my 90-day water challenge quite some time ago and almost immediately noticed the benefits of drinking at least 48 ounces of water daily.  My hair was very moisturized and seemed to grow faster than before.  Water is very important to the hair. In fact, every quality hair product, mainly shampoo and conditioner, including by L. Jones lists water as the first ingredient. This means that there is more water in the product than the other ingredients. Our hair craves water to make it not become dry and brittle.  Not getting enough water causes the hair to not grow as fast. Drink at least 48-64 ounces of water daily and notice how your hair changes.
  • Too much heat- Putting too much heat on the hair weakens it and slows down the growth.  Most of the time it actually leads to breakage.  Only put heat on your hair once per week or less.
  • Getting relaxers too often- Any time you put a chemical on the hair it can cause damage to the hair.  Getting your relaxers too often increases the chances of overlapping which will lead to breakage.  Let your hair grow out enough to get at least two full inches of new growth before relaxing again.  For most people that is sixteen weeks! I recommend that you at least go twelve weeks or longer.  I only get mine every six months and have plenty of new growth by the time my touch up appointment rolls around.
  • Not wrapping your hair- Not wrapping your hair itself does not cause your hair to grow slower but it does cause you to have split ends faster which leads to having to get your hair cut which will make your hair appear as though it is not growing or is stuck at one length.  Wrap your hair every night to protect your ends which will lead to having to get less cut.

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