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How To Wear Your Natural Hair Straight Without Damaging Your Curl Pattern

The Easiest Way To Wear Your Natural Hair Straight Without Damaging Your Curl Pattern

Many women are going natural these days for many different reasons. The most common reason that I hear is because they want their hair to be healthy.  To that I say kudos to you for wanting healthier hair!  That is the reason for this blog and if that means that ditching the relaxer will help you to achieve that goal, then by all means do so!  Some women still want to wear their hair in straight styles even though they don't actually want the chemical anymore.  Is this possible??? Yes! In fact, 99% of my natural clients come to me to get their hair straightened, which is also called a silk press. They don't want any chemical in their hair, but they want it to look like they do.  So today I am going to show you how to wear your natural hair straight without damaging your curl pattern. Take a look at some of the before and afters that I have done on my natural clients.

Before and after of natural hair that has been straightened

There are some key techniques that I use in order to get the hair straight in such a way that it causes no heat damage at all. The secret really lies in using the correct heat settings on the hair and only going through the hair with one pass of the flat iron. Doing those things correctly will guarantee that the hair reverts back to its original curl pattern every time and that no heat damage is done.

Before and after silk press on natural hair

 To have this done I recommend going to a hairstylist that is very knowledgable about doing silk presses on natural hair. It doesn't take much for the hair to get heat damage and if that is the case you will be transitioning all over again. So, going to someone that knows exactly what they are doing is very important. You can also do it yourself at home with the right hair products (like these), the right tools (like this), and the right instructions (like these).

Getting the picture? So yes, your natural hair can still be worn straight. Well, if you are going to wear your hair straight anyway, what is the point of being natural some of you may ask.  The point is that some women do more damage to their hair by having relaxers but they love the straight look.  Therefore, they choose the health of their hair over convenience and choose to not get relaxers anymore which I applaud.  You have some women out there who put a relaxer in their head every four weeks, then wonder why their hair won't grow or is damaged!  For these ladies, not having a relaxer is putting them one step closer to healthy hair.  You can however, have a relaxer and still have healthy hair, but some women just don't know how to take care of relaxed hair.  If your hair is natural, you can still enjoy these straight styles and maintain them by wrapping the hair every night. Not sure how to wrap your hair?  See my video for some tips..

If you are not interested in going to a professional for your silk press but you want it to look like you did, check out my silk press online masterclass where I take you through the process of silk pressing your hair like a pro! Click here for more info.

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