Monday, February 12, 2018

Toya's Hair Tips || How Can I Make My Hair Grow Faster?

How can I make my hair grow faster?

Today's tip come from a question that many women ask a lot. How can I make my hair grow faster? When we want our hair to grow, we want it right now! Believe me, I get it. Once I'm on a mission to grow my hair, I throw all logic out the window. Like the fact that most people have a hair growth rate of only about half an inch per month! That seems so slow. But hey, that is what they make extensions for right? Well today I'm going to give you five ways to help speed up the process a bit.

Normal hair growth rate is slow, here are some tips to make your hair grow faster

  1. Leave it alone- Have you ever seen someone with long, gorgeous hair and all they do is put it in a ponytail or you can tell that they put very little effort into their hair care routine? That is precisely what is helping their hair grow! They are leaving it alone and letting nature take its course. They are not constantly manipulating their hair nor do they have an elaborate hair care regimen. I am not saying to not put any effort into your hair, however when you do leave it alone. Stop frequently combing it throughout the day, rubbing in it, playing in it all the time, etc. Just let it do what it is supposed to do, and that is grow!
  2. Get trims regularly- Seems like if you want your hair to grow faster you would avoid trims right? Wrong! Trimming the dead ends off helps you retain your length. If you skip trims your hair will only continue to split up the hair shaft and you will only have to get more of your hair cut in the end. You do want to be careful to not get trims to often though because again, the goal is to retain and increase length and you can not do that if you get a trim every month.
  3. Oil your scalp- Oiling your scalp with oils that help stimulate growth (like this one) can help your hair with growth. They key is to also massage the oil into the scalp because this helps to increase blood circulation, which leads to faster hair growth.
  4. Eat right- I can't say this enough! The foods you eat do play an important role in your hair growth. Being nourished with the proper nutrients by eating fruits and vegetables helps stimulate growth in your hair.
  5. Drink water- Drinking the proper amount of water DAILY also helps your hair grow faster. Be sure you make this a daily habit if you want your hair to grow faster.

we all want our hair to grow faster, but are you willing to do your part?
Doing all five of my professionally recommended suggestions will help your hair grow faster. All it takes is a little dedication to better hair habits and you will be well on your way to longer hair.

Are you following the right tips to make your hair grow faster?
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