Monday, February 26, 2018

The Painfully Disappointing Answer To If Relaxed Hair Can Be Colored Without Damage

One question that many of my relaxed clients ask me is if the can get some permanent color. I always give my clients a general rule of thumb, pick your chemical of choice. Basically what that means is pick which chemical you want the most and stick with it. If you want color, leave the relaxer alone. If you want a relaxer, leave the permanent color alone. Unfortunately having both permanent color and a relaxer leads to damage. The reason why is because each chemical on its own puts enough tension on the hair and also weakens it. Having them both is entirely too much on the hair and no one wants to pay for the upkeep of having both.

Many women only figure the price of how much the service costs but do not count how much it costs to maintain the color treated and relaxed hair. So, if and when it starts breaking they do not seem to put a connection between the damage the hair starts to receive and having two chemicals.

The clients in this post are all natural with the exception of myself. I, however am wearing a wig that I colored which is my suggested solution to getting color when you have a relaxer. Instead of coloring your relaxed hair, try clip ins, sew-ins, wigs, and you can even get colored hair with braids. If none of those sound like options that you would want to try, then my advice is for you to find a way to love your natural color!

Remember, healthy hair costs but repairing damaged hair costs even more! Basically it will cost you more money to repair damaged hair than it does to maintain your already healthy hair. I know it is disappointing to many of you relaxed ladies, but leave the color alone and take comfort in the fact that you have healthy hair!

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