Monday, December 4, 2017

Beautifully Done Full Sew-In With Absolutely No Hair Left Out

The client I had today is not really considered a client by me because she is my sister.  I did a full sew in on her.  She has thinning hair and the same goes for her edges so she got a sew in with no hair left out.  We ordered her some Indian deep wave 12 inch hair (from the L. Jones Hair Collection) and she absolutely did not like all of the curls.  Take a look:

The pics listed above and below are right after I sewed all of the hair in. I also got her a lace closure an sewed that on in the front.  

I am not a fan of curly hair myself, but this hair was so cute to me that I actually might order some for myself in the future (key word is might)! Anyway, she was not about that long hair dont care life so she had me straighten and cut it!  I only cut and straightened it just a bit and had her come back for the real deal.  It was getting late and we were both tired!  Check out the finished product.

She wanted a bob with layers which is what I did.  I would have preferred that it was shorter in the back and longer on the sides (inverted) but she didn't want it that way.  Instead I opted to do extreme layers all around.

For maintenance she would basically treat this hair like it grew out of her own head and either wrap nightly or put on a satin cap.  She could curl it daily if she wanted to just because it will do no damage to her real hair, but since she has such good quality hair it will hold the curls very well and curling often is not needed.

As far as shampooing and conditioning, I would recommend this be done weekly using byL. Jones products.  Also, when she wets this hair, it will curl back up to the deep wave pattern.

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