Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Toya's Tips: Deep Condition This Often To Not Have Dry Hair

How often should I deep condition?

Today's Toya's Tip comes from the following question:
"How often should I deep condition my hair?"
The answer to this question depends on the condition your hair is in. If your hair is extremely damaged, brittle, and breaking, then you should be deep conditioning every 7-10 days. Do this until you notice your hair becoming less and less dry. Once your hair becomes normal, you can then switch to deep conditioning every month to every other month because at that point you will be doing it for maintenance. Once your hair starts experiencing less breakage and less damage then you can deep condition less often. I personally like to deep condition (with this treatment) 1-3 times per month and I base that on what my hair went through. For example, if I know heat will be applied and/or it is time for a chemical service, then I will deep condition more often. If I plan on my hair being braided up then I may prolong the deep conditioning. You definitely however, want to make sure your hair always has enough moisture to prevent it from becoming too dry. Remember, anybody can have good hair. If your hair is healthy, then you have good hair!

how often do I need to deep condition

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deep condition this often to not have dry hair


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