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The #1 Reason Why You're Afraid To Wear Wigs & How To Overcome That

The #1 Reason Why You're Afraid To Wear Wigs & How To Overcome That 

After watching the Super Bowl a few years ago, I was inspired by Kelly's hair during the Destiny's Child portion of Beyonce's performance. She had straight across bangs and the rest was long. At that moment, I decided to make a full wig in order to get that look.  I got three bundles of hair (from here) which were 14, 16, and 18 inches of Brazilian straight and got to work.  After a few hours, this was the end result.

Picture taken in 3013

The main reason that women who never wear wigs are afraid to do so is because they think that it will actually "look" like a wig. Believe me, I used to be the same way. The first thing to address when wearing wigs is the quality of the hair. If the hair is not great quality hair, you will definitely not be happy with your wig, at least not long term. The quality of the hair makes a huge difference simply because you can have this same wig with cheap hair and it will not last you past a month. The hair will get tangled, shed, and the overall feel will not be the same. That is why whenever I wear a wig, I start with hair from L. Jones Hair Collection. This hair has never let me down. As a matter of fact, the wig in the pictures is over four YEARS old! I still wear it sometimes and it looks exactly like it did when I first made it. The second key to getting a wig that you love is getting it custom made. The wigs in the beauty supply store are basically one size fits all. The problem with that is that everyone's head is not the same size, so if it it custom to your specific head size it will fit much better and last much longer.

Picture taken in 2016

front view
If you are not interested in making your own wig, but you do desire one custom made please head to and you can order one for yourself!

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