Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Best Baby Products For Sensitive Skin

Many of us women, no matter whether we are relaxed or natural, have babies and toddlers who are natural. For relaxed women, some of us have been relaxed for so long that we often question what we should do with our kids' hair. I personally have two boys with very thick, curly hair and like most of all the other women I know, I love how my kids' hair looks when it is wet. When it is wet, it looks perfect! But then it completely dries and we have a completely different situation on our hands.

After having my second son (the one featured on this post), I noticed that every time I would shampoo his hair he would get the worst dandruff and severe cradle cap. I could literally see him beginning to break out. This lead me to actually turn the bottle around and read the ingredients. Until this point I simply trusted the brand's name and never questioned them. However, once I began to research the ingredients in them, what I found shocked me! I found sodium hydroxide which is used in relaxers to the hair straight, sulfates which are extremely harsh and irritating to the scalp, and quaterium 15 which is also know as FORMALDEHYDE which is used to embalm dead bodies! Really?? I could not believe companies were putting this stuff in products that were targeted to babies. No wonder my baby was experiencing so many issues with is scalp. After literally going to the store and looking at every baby product's list of ingredients and not finding ONE that did not have harsh ingredients in them, I decided to make my own. This is what lead me to create the Baby Collection of  by L. Jones. 

 In the baby shampoo, I use distilled water as my base which already has any impurities already removed. Also, instead of using a soap based cleanser I use a fruit based cleanser that is derived from apples. To thicken the shampoo, I use a food grade thickener and instead of scenting it with perfumes I use an essential oil. All of these things were designed with my little one in mind. I know he is only one of many babies who have sensitive skin so I knew I needed to make a shampoo that was super gentle and safe. But I did not want to stop there, babies also need conditioner although their hair is so fine that they do not need anything heavy unlike us adults. So for this reason I also made a cream rinse which lightly conditions and detangles the hair. When I first started using the Gentle Cleansing Shampoo on my little one, his cradle cap went away in TWO DAYS! The red breakouts and irritation on his skin went away, and his scalp stopped constantly itching. I have never used anything different on him since! Since the conditioner is so light, I even leave it on instead of rinsing and it defines his curls so well!  Once his hair air dries, his curls still stay defined and do not look dry. I am in love with this combo and am actually a bit disappointed that I didn't come up with this with my first child! I even went on to make him the face of the Baby Collection because it was his story that inspired the creation of the baby line. So to all you other mothers out there that can relate to my baby's story, I want to encourage you to always look at the labels and see what ingredients are in the products you are using on your baby. Be sure only safe ingredients are being used! Or, you can simply order some  L. Jones Baby Collection products for yourself!

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  1. Hello I just found your products through Pintrest. My children will be mixed race (Black & Asian) and I was wondering these hair products will work with their hair texture.

    1. Yes! Especially if they have sensitive scalp and you want something gentle


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