Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Toya's Hair Tips: The One Product Guaranteed To Fix Your Spit Ends

Today's Toya's Hair Tip comes from the following question:
"What product can I use to fix my split ends?"
Well ladies, you are in luck! There IS one, and I mean only one product that can and will fix your split ends guaranteed. This product delivers every single time. As a matter of fact, I use this product myself in my own salon. So, are you ready for me to reveal this miracle product??? The product I'm talking about is a nice, sharp pair of cutting shears. Yes you read that right. Cutting shears is the only product that is absolutely guaranteed to fix your split ends. Translation: Cutting your split ends off is the only way to fix them. Stop wasting your money on products that make this claim because none of them work. At best, they give the illusion of fixing them temporarily but as soon as you shampoo your hair again (or possibly sooner) the split ends will resurface. We all don't necessarily love trims but they are definitely a necessary evil when it comes to hair care. So, do your hair a favor and quit putting off getting a trim. Head to your favorite hairstylist and get those ends trimmed!

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