Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Toya's Hair Tips: 2 Ways To Avoid Getting A HAIRCUT When You Only Want A Trim

Toya's Hair Tips: 2 Ways To Avoid Getting A HAIRCUT When You Only Want A Trim

Today Toya's Tip comes from the following question:
"How can I make sure my hairstylist only gives me a trim and not a haircut?"
Unfortunately. as a hairstylist I hear this complaint a lot. Many women complain to me that they hate getting trims because they are afraid of too much of their hair being cut off. Since I hear this so much I have come up with two ways to avoid getting too much hair cut at trim time. What I personally do in my salon is first turn them to face themselves in the mirror. Then I hold up the hair and show them exactly how much needs to be trimmed off. At that point, I get permission to trim off the amount that I show them. If they say yes, I keep them turned to the mirror and trim the amount discussed. If they say no, however, then I explain the importance of trimming and how not trimming only allows the ends to continue to split up the hair shaft. A lot of times, and I can personally relate to this, women who hate getting trims tend to skip them for long periods of time and when they finally get one it seems like so much at one time when in actuality its just an accumulation of missed trims. Then, the next thing you know the hairstylist is labeled as scissor happy and that they love to cut. While it is true that there are hairstylists that do cut too much, most of the time the hair does need to be cut that much because the person waited so long to actually trim. So, in the future, to avoid getting too much cut, ask the hairstylist to face you towards the mirror and also ask them to show you how much they need to cut before they actually cut it. This will save you a lot of hurt feelings at the end of your hair appointments.

Hair looks much healthier when trimmed regularly

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