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Top 5 Hairstyles & The Secret To Keeping Them Looking Perfect For Up To 2 Weeks

Top 5 Hairstyles & The Secret To Keeping Them Looking Perfect For Up To 2 Weeks

Scenario: You go to the salon, hair looking a hot mess. Your stylist works her magic and you leave with your hair looking flawless.  You decide you look too good to go straight home so you make a few stops first, receiving compliments everywhere you go. You finally get home, day turns to night, and you are ready to turn in.  Now what? How do you sleep comfortably while simultaneously maintaining that hair?!?

Here are a few tips to maintain your styles in between visits.  I have put together a list of styles and the directions for sleeping as comfortable as possible.

Flat Ironed Straight

  • Flat ironed straight- This is one of the easiest styles to maintain. Simply wrap your hair every night with your satin scarf/scarves.  This will allow you to sleep as wild and crazy as possible and still have your hair look great the next day. You would also wrap if you had a roller set or roller wrap. The next day, simply unwrap and go. See video here..

Layered Hair

  • Flat ironed straight (hair is layered)- This is slightly trickier.  To maintain this look, add a few (approximately 4-6) rollers at the crown of your head. Wrap the rest of your hair as you normally would. Tie the wrapped part down with your wrap cap. Put satin bonnet on top of that. Sleep freely. The next day, remove rollers and wrap all of the hair (rolled section and straight section) together. Immediately unwrap and use the end of your rat tail comb to separate the layers. See video here.

  • Rods: Maintaining rods mostly depends on how your sleep. You can put a satin scarf on it, but you sometimes still need to sleep "pretty" or on your arm so they wont by flat and stuck to the side of your head in the morning (unless you are going for that wild look)..

Loose curls

  • Curled w/flat iron/curling iron- To maintain your curls, take some flexi rods and roll large sections of hair at a time.  You may only need about 5-7 rollers for your entire head. Rolling in large sections helps the curls remain loose, but still curly.  Rolling in smaller sections will give a tighter curl. The next morning, take rollers out and finger through until you reach the style you desire.

  • Updos- These styles are also very easy to maintain. Simply put your wrap cap on around the back and edges of your hair and secure with the velcro closure.  This lays down your edges and keeps them flat. Then put your satin scarf on over that. This protects the actual style. The next day simply remove your wrap cap and scarf, spray holding spray and you are ready to go!

I hope these tips have helped. We stylists not only want you to look good after we get done, we also want you to maintain your styles until we see you again! After all, you are our walking advertisements!

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