Friday, September 2, 2016

How To Stretch Your Relaxer For Healthier Hair (week 10)

Stretch your relaxer to get healthier hair

It is week 10 of the series! For some of you, there are only 6 more weeks standing in between you and the creamy goodness that will straighten your hair and make you able to feel your scalp again.  As for me, I will be going all the way to 24 weeks so I am not even half way there yet. I did do a growth check and with the average rate of hair growth being one half an inch per month that means that I should have about an inch of new growth or slightly more, which I do. By the time 16 weeks comes around I should have at least two inches of new growth which is a safe time to relax the hair. I continue to 24 weeks because I can still manage my hair just fine at 4 months (aka 16 weeks).

Pin curls on relaxed hair

This week I decided to do my hair curly. I basically pin curled it then took the pin curls down and styled. My hair stayed curly for an entire week and I did not put any additional heat in it! I pinned it for a couple of nights then wrapped it the rest of the time.

Pin curls with deep side part

I used all Silk Hydration by L. Jones products, including the Extreme Clean and Extreme Moisture Shampoo, Replenishing Conditioner, Leave-In, and Silky Serum Oil. These products made my hair so extremely soft and feeling so good that I hardly had any trouble with getting my new growth to straighten out.

Days later, and the hair is still curly

Check out the week 10 video:


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