Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Most Natural Looking Blunt Cut Bob Wig With Bangs || "Bailey"

natural looking blunt cut bob with bangs

Meet my newest wig creation. I have been obsessed with bobs lately so instead of cutting my own hair, I have decided to make a full collection of wigs that are all bobs. This one was actually a wig that I had already made but decided to cut a bit more. I wanted it to be a bit more blunt so I cut it with some clippers.

I named this wig Bailey. I am naming every bob that I make with a name that starts with the letter "B".  I really like Bailey. I wore her for about a week before taking her off, washing her, and styling her again. Now, when I am ready to wear her again, all I will have to do is put her on and head out the door!

hair from

The hair for Bailey came from my hair extension line, L. Jones Hair Collection. She is made with two bundles of 10 inch straight Brazilian hair. No lace closure was used, instead I made a closure with a piece of the track then sewed that on. This wig will last me for years. The hair in my collection has very minimal tangles and shedding (and I say minimal because it is human hair so a few hairs of shedding is expected). However, with the proper care, this wig can last at least three years. I say that because I have plenty that I have had that long that I made that look like I made them yesterday. I use the Silk Hydration by L. Jones products to shampoo and condition the wigs.

What do you think about Bailey? I've never made a bob wig with a bangs but I think I like Bailey and will keep her around for a little while...

"Bailey" on video:


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