Sunday, April 10, 2016

How To Properly Take Care Of Your Hair After Taking Braids/Sew-Ins Down (video)

Have you ever taken your braids down or taken a sew-in down and looked at your hair that was shedding and just knew you were going bald because there was so much hair on the floor and in your comb? We have all been there, and when I say we, yes I am including myself! Most of us are not used to seeing that much hair come out at once. Well you can rest assured that this is perfectly normal! I explain it all in the video posted below. This post will also answer your questions about whether or not you should detangle your hair before or after you shampoo it. I'll give you a hint, you should always detangle before you shampoo.

Braids and sew-ins are great protective styles but it is very important to take care of your real hair underneath. Otherwise what is the point? Having healthy hair is the number one priority. Wearing weaves, wigs, and braids should be an option instead of a necessity if possible. Keeping that in mind,  the take down is just as important as the installation. When taking your hair down you must be sure not comb it too roughly, especially when it is wet and especially around your edges. Check out this video of me taking my hair down after wearing a wig for two weeks. Notice all of the shedding and how I comb my hair after it has all been taken down.

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  1. I really enjoyed the video Toya it was very informative. In watching your video I learned a lot and realize I have been doing a lot of things wrong so thanks again Rachel!!!

  2. I cant comb out my hair like you do. I would have alot of broken strands. I have to do it in sections but i like your results.your hair looks silky smooth


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