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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Can Wearing A Wig Look Natural Or Should We Save Them For Granny? || Styling "Ashley"

Long gone are the days where wearing wigs was taboo. These days our grandmothers are not the only ones wearing them. As the hair extensions get better and better and more hairstylists doing custom sew-ins, custom (natural looking) wigs could not be far behind. I started making wigs shortly after getting out of cosmetology school but in my opinion they were not that great. For one I did not have my hair company yet and was still using beauty supply hair (mistakes 1, 2, AND 3). Once I got my technique down and got the right hair it was like all of the stars aligned! Now the possibilities are endless. Many people have no idea that I even wear wigs, they think its my real hair, which is the point. I prefer wigs because I am not able to braid my own hair the way I need to in order to do a sew in so this is the next
best thing for me. Plus I like that I can pull it on and off whenever I get ready because I still like to shampoo my real hair every week even if I am only going to put the wig back on.

"Ashley" wig
Check out the video where I styled Ashley and brought her to life. I start by having all of the hair sewn on. Then I proceed to cut and style her. All of the hair came from For Ashely I used three bundles of Brazilian straight, 10 inch. Be sure to subscribe to the channel!


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