Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How To Get The Best Hair Products In Your Hands (And Someone Else's) Sooner

Two years ago I created Silk Hydration by L. Jones products because initially I wanted to make a fabulous deep conditioner for my clients.  Many of them often complained of dry hair so I wanted to make a product to help with that.  After many tries I created one that my clients and I both loved.  As I began to use it more and more, the clients that did not have dry began to ask why I did not have something that they could use like shampoos and conditioners.  From there I developed an entire line of products which includes shampoos, conditioners, and other styling aids.  There are also many new items that are also going to be produced.  Up until now I have sold these products exclusively to my clients first, then I started selling online to my blog readers and YouTube followers. At this point I am now ready to expand even more and start working on getting Silk Hydration in stores after getting such positive feedback from current users. I would like to start online by expanding to Amazon. Most of the time when you sell things on Amazon, it is pretty simply, you just sign up for an account and start selling. However, since I actually manufacture my own products the products have to be tested and declared safe for people to use (don't worry, no testing
will be done on animals). Once I began looking at labs to test the products I quickly found out that testing products are not cheap! And since I would like to get these products in Amazon as soon as possible I decided to start a "Go Fund Me" campaign where anyone who is interested in helping can do just that.

Before & After with Silk Hydration by L. Jones products

I am asking all of you reading this for your help! To have all of my products tested will be twenty THOUSAND dollars.  The products will be sent in batches with the first batch of seven products costing $6300 so I would like to have this amount within the next three months or as soon as possible.  This blog sees a minimum of 1500 readers daily so if everyone gave at least $5 I could have the first $6300 today! Please head to the campaign page (click here) to get more details and see how you could contribute. The more you can give, the faster I will get to my goal but no donation is too small.  As an added incentive, each time I reach a goal for enough for a full batch to be sent for testing, I will do a giveaway for a Super Silk Hydration Sampler which will include one of each item in the line!  Everyone that donates will automatically be entered into the drawing!

Results courtesy of Silk Hydration
I would love for these products to reach more people and selling on Amazon could definitely help me with that. Amazon is currently the number one retailer even beating out Walmart. By donating to this cause you are helping other people who could benefit from great hair products be able to purchase them as well. I thank each and every one of you in advance for donating and helping this dream become a reality!



  1. Why don't you sell vouchers? That can be used once you launched the product on Amazon? Then there is something in it for those who give money as well. Good luck with everything!

    1. I can not sell something to be used on Amazon since that is not my website. Thank you for trying to help!


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