Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The No Heat Hair Challenge (week 3) (video included)

The no heat hair challenge (bun week)
This week is the third week for the no heat hair challenge.  This week I chose to go with the bun for my hairstyle simply because my hair basically looks a mess without being shampooed for three weeks!  Being a hairstylist, I always told myself that I would not be that hairstylist that was great at doing hair while my own looked a fool.  So, even though my hair has not seen soap and water for three weeks, I still have to look presentable.  This experiment is not a one size fits all kind of deal.  You can shampoo your hair during this challenge.  The point is to not use heat so if you shampoo, just be sure to pick a style in which heat from the flat iron or curling iron is not a factor.  Styles like this would include rods, roller sets, twist outs, or anything like that. I chose not to go this route because I like my hair straight and in order to get it straight, I need some heat!

Check out the video for the third week where I show you how to put your hair in a high bun.  If you do not like high buns you can use the same concept for wherever you prefer to have it.

Next week I will finally be shampooing my hair again.  I may do this challenge one more time as that will be six weeks to see if I have any growth.  It takes about one month to grow half an inch of hair so we will see. I did not measure my hair prior to this like I should have but we will see if I notice any growth.

Stay tuned!

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